Spring is (almost) upon us and that’s great news for all of us who live in Michigan!

Warmer weather means getting outside, going for a walk or a run, and simply renewing our spirits with (literally) a breath of fresh air!

Why not get on a bike, strap on a pair of rollerskates, walk your dog on a trail, or simply catch up with a friend while enjoying the sunshine and the warm air?

In fact, outdoor activities aren’t the only way to renew your spirit. Re-commit to some personal goals; starting a new exercise program, renew old acquaintanceships, pick up that book you said you’d finish, or carve out time to try yoga or meditation.

As we know, all things recreational (or not!) require a time commitment and that means fewer hours in the day to complete life’s mundane tasks like doing laundry or preparing dinner.

And that’s exactly why you have the Great Lakes Pot Pie option! Order your pot pies and have them ready in your freezer to simply pop in the oven for a hearty, all-encompassing delicious meal! Our chicken pot pie is chock-full of goodness: carrots, onions, celery, peas, corn, and tender white meat chicken swimming in our delicious, savory sauce, encased by a delicious, buttery crust, giving your family a complete meal (or perfectly complementing a simple side salad.) We even have gluten-free, vegetarian, and dessert pies. Being prepared with our variety of options allows you to pursue your new hobbies, enjoy the springtime weather AND be the hero at the end of the day for your family.

Just go to www.greatlakespotpies.com and order today. And leap into spring with no-holds-barred!