Remember your college days, using the same knife for pretty much everything? I think I used the same knife to open my moving boxes as I did to chop my carrots!

In the kitchen, my story was the same: after slicing cheese, I’d wash my knife and use it again to cut off broccoli stems. After all, why would I need more than one knife for all of my cooking?

That’s a really great question. Different knives perform different jobs, making you life a whole lot easier in the long run. Let’s review a few types and what they do:

Chef's knife used in cooking,

Chef’s Knife

The Chef’s Knife: this knife is by far the most versatile knife in your kitchen: it chops, slices, dices and minces (example: finely chopping tomatoes or onions.)

The Paring Knife: this knife is extremely handy, making smaller tasks like peeling & slicing easy.

The Cleaver: this kitchen heavyweight helps you cut through meat. It uses its weight to cut through tough foods—it’s not for slicing.

Bread knife,

The Bread Knife: Really? A knife for bread: Yes! This knife features a serrated blade that protects from tearing or squishing when cutting through soft, fresh loaves of bread.

So there you have it: Knives 101! Even if you add one or 2 of these little gems, your cooking will be easier, faster & safer, too!